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See on laev.

That is a ship. (That’s a ship.)

Ta tuleb siiapoole.

It is coming this way. (It’s coming this way.)

Ma näen…

I can see…

See on Gogo.

It is Gogo.



Kuidas sul läheb?

How are you?

Tänan, mul läheb hästi.

I am fine, thanks. (I’m fine, thanks.)

Mida sa teed?

What are you doing?

Meie ujume.

We are swimming. (We’re swimming.)

Kas te oskate redelist üles ronida?

Can you climb up the ladder?

Jah, me oskame.

Yes, we can.

Ma olen märg.

I am wet. (I’m wet.)

Kas sul on käterätti?

Have you got a towel?

Jah, mul on.

Yes, I have.

Mul on külm.

I am cold. (I’m cold.)


Thank you.

Kas sa tahad mütsi ja mantlit?

Do you want a hat and a coat?

Jah, palun.

Yes, please.




Let’s go!

Kuhu me lähme?

Where are we going?

Kas sa oskad kaarti lugeda?

Can you read a map?

Jah, ma oskan.

Yes, I can.



Me läheme saarele.

We are going to the island. (We’re going to thet island.)

Ma otsin aaret (varandust).

I am looking for treasure. (I’m looking for treasure.)



Kas sul on kaart?

Have you got the map?

Jah, mul on.

Yes, I have.

See on rand.

This is the beach.

Need on puud.

Those are the trees.

üksone 1

kaks two 2

kolmthree 3

nelifour 4

viis five 5

kuussix 6

seitseseven 7

kaheksaeight 8

üheksanine 9

kümmeten 10

Hea küll.

All right.

Kõnni 10 sammu selles suunas.

Walk ten steps this way.

Kus on aare?

Where is the treasure? (Where’s the treasure?)

See on puu taga.

It is behind the tree. (It’s behind the tree.)

Ma ei näe aaret.

I can not see the treasure. (I can’t see the treasure.)

Kus see on?

Where is it?

See on su jalgade all.

It is under your feet. (It’s under your feet.)

Mida sa näed?

What can you see?

Ma näen kasti.

I can see a box.

Ma võin ronida redelist alla.

I can climb down the ladder.

Oskad sa kasti avada?

Can you open the box?

Jah, ma oskan.

Yes, I can.

Mis selle sees on?

What is in it? (What’s in it?)

See on lind.

It is a bird. (It’s a bird.)


A bird

Kas see laulab?

Can it sing?

Uurime järgi.

Let’s find out.

Ma olen lind. Mu nimi on Bing.

I am a bird. My name is Bing. (I’m a bird. My name’s Bing.)

Ma olen noor ja väike.

I am young and small. (I’m young and small.)

Ma oskan tantsida ja laulda.

I can dance and sing.


Tweet –tweet

Sa oled lind.

You are bird.

Su nimi on Bing.

Your name is Bing.

Sa oled noor ja väike.

You are young and small. (You’re young and small.)

Sa oskad tantsida ja laulda.

You can dance and sing.


Selles aines puuduvad õpikud.

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