Tal on külm ja ta on märg.

He is cold and wet. (He’s cold and wet.)

Kas sul on rätikut?

Have you got a towel?

Rätik (vannilina, käterätt)


Ei, mul ei ole.

No, I have not. (No, I haven’t.)

Tal on rätik.

She has got a towel. (She’s got a towel.)


Thank you.



Neil on joogid.

They have got drinks.

Kas tal on joogid?

Has he got drinks?

Jah, tal on.

Yes, he has.

Tal on joogid.

He has got drinks. (He’s got drinks.)

Palun apelsinimahl.

Orange juice, please.

Ei, meil ei ole.

No, we have not. (No, we haven’t.)

Neil ei ole rätikuid.

They have not got towels. (They haven’t got towels.)

Nüüd neil on rätikud.

They have got towels now. (They have got towels now.)

Ära muretse!

Do not worry. (Don’t worry.)

Need on võlurätikud.

The towels are magic.

Vaata ette!

Look out!

Kas teil on fotoaparaati?

Have you got a camera?

Ei, meil ei ole.

No, we have not. (No, we haven’t.)

Neil ei ole fotoaparaati

They have not got a camera. (They haven’t got a camera.)

Jennyl on fotoaparaat.

Jenny has got a camera. (Jenny’s got a camera.)

Tal on vihmavari.

He has got an umbrella. (He’s got an umbrella.)

Nüüd tal pole vihmavarju.

He has not got an umbrella now! (He hasn’t got an umbrella now!)

Tal on rätik.

He has not got a towel. (He hasn’t got a towel.)

See oli üleannetu.

That is naughty. (That ‘s naughty.)

Sa oled hea.

You are kind. (You’re kind.)

Tal ei ole jooki.

He has not got a drink. (He hasn’t got a drink)

Neil on vorstikesed.

They have got sausages. (They’ve got sausages.)

Jah, neil on.

Yes, they have.

Kas meil on vorstikesi?

Have we got sausages?

Ei, meil ei ole.

No, we have not. (No, we haven’t.)

Mis meil on?

What have we got?

Meil on mune.

We have got eggs. (We’ve got eggs.)

Hästi! (Tubli!)


Tal on õun.

She has got an apple.(She’s got an apple.)

Kas meil on õunu?

Have we got apples?

Tal on jook.

He has got a drink.(He’s got a drink.)

Palun tule siia!

Come here, please.

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