22. There is / are

Õppevideo: Verbs There to Be /Parts of the House

Ainsus: väljendit ei tõlgita.
Singlular: There is …. There’s …

Mitmus: väljendit ei tõlgita.
Plural: There are … There’re …

Majas on köök.
There is a kitchen in the house.

Majas on elutuba.
There is a living-room in the house.

Majas on kaks magamistuba.
There are two bedroom in the house.

Majas on kaks korstent.
There are two chimneys in the house.

Jutustav lause. On garaaž.
Affirmitive. There’s a garage.

Eitus. Garaaži ei ole.
Negative. There isn’t a garage.

Jutustav lause. On kortsen.
Affirmitive. There’s a chimney.

Eitus. Korstent ei ole.
Negative. There isn’t a chimeney.

Jutustav lause. On kaks puud.
Affirmitive. There are two trees.

Eitus. Puid ei ole.
Negative. There are not any trees.

Jutustav lause. On kaks lille.
Affirmitive. There are two flowers.

Eitus. Lilli ei ole.
Negative. There aren’t any flowers.

Majas on elutuba.
There’s a livingroom in the house.

Aias on viis puud.
There are five trees in the garden.

Majas ei ole korstnaid.
There aren’t chimneys in the house.

Majas ei ole garaaži.
There isn’t a garge in the house.

Kas elutuba on?
Is there a living-room?

Jah, on.
Yes, there is.

Kas garaaž on?
Is there a garage?

Ei ole.
No, there isn’t.

Kas on kaks magamistuba?
Are there two bedrooms?

Ei ole.
No, there aren’t.

Kas on viis puud?
Are there five trees?

Jah, on.
Yes, there are.

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