18. Have you got

3. klass > Inglise keel > Õppeaasta

Laul: Have You Got a Pet?

Kas sul on lemmikut?
Have you got a pet?

Jah, mul on.
Yes, I have.

Mul on koer ja hamster ka.
I’ve got a dog and a hamster too.

Mul on kass ja papakoi ka.
I’ve got a cat and a parrot too.

Mul on hobune ja kolm kala ka.
I’ve got a horse and three fish too.


Õppevideo: Have Got

Mul on kott
I’ve got a bag. A big bag. (I have got a bag.)

Mul on kaart.
I’ve got a map. (I have got a map.)

Mul on hamburger.
I’ve got a hamburger. (I have got a hamburger.)

Mul on ratas. Mootoratas.
I’ve got a bike. A motorbike. (I have got a bike.)

Mul on arvuti.
I’ve got a computer. (I have got a computer.)

Mul on aed. Vaata.
I’ve got a garden. Look. (I have got a garden.)

Mul on ploomid, mul on virsikud, mul on viinamarjad.
I’ve got plums, I’ve got peaches, I’ve got grapes.