Tema oma (meessoost)


Tema oma (naissoost)






Võin ma teid aidata?

May I help you?


Of course.

Minu nimi on Gogo.

My name is Gogo.

Kuidas sul läheb?

How are you?

Mis see on?

What is this?

See on kleit.

It is a dress. (It’s a dress.)

Kelle kleit see on?

Whose dress is it?

See on Jenny kleit.

It is Jenny’s dress. (It’s Jenny’s dress.)

Ära ole rumal!

Do not be silly! (Don’t be silly!)

Mis see on?

What is this?

See on särk.

It is a shirt. (It’s a shirt.)



See pole minu särk.

This is not my shirt. (This isn’t my shirt.)

See on mu issi särk.

It is my Dad’s shirt. (It’s my Dad’s shirt.)

See on Jenny seelik.

It is Jenny’s skirt. (It’s Jenny’s skirt.)

Need riided on mustad.

These clothes are dirty.

Mis see on?

What is that? (What’s that?)

See on pluus.

It is a blouse. (It’s a blouse.)

Kas see on sinu pluus?

Is it your blouse?

Ei, see ei ole.

No, it is not. (No, it isn’t.)

See on mu emme pluus.

It is Mum’s blouse. (It’s Mum’s blouse.)

See on minu sokk.

This is my sock.

Sul on õigus.

You are right. (You’re right.)

See on must (määrdunud).

It is dirty. (It’s dirty.)

See on ka sinu sokk.

This is your sock, too.

Telefon heliseb.

The phone is ringing.

Tony sokid on väga määrdunud.

Tony’s socks are very dirty.

Mul on kahju.

I am sorry. (I’m sorry.)

Ma ei saa praegu mängida.

I can not play now. (I can’t play now.)

Gogo on siin.

Gogo is here.

Ta aitab mind.

He is helping me. (He’s helping me.)

Oh, ei!

Oh, no

Tšau! (Head aega!)


Mis sa teed?

What are you doing?

Ma pesen.

I am washing. (I’m washing.)

Mul on palav.

I am hot. (I’m hot.)

Ka minul on palav.

I am hot, too. (I’m hot too.)

Kas te soovite mütse?

Do you want hats?

Oh jah, palun.

Oh, yes please.

Kelle müts see on?

Whose hat is this?

See on minu müts.

It is my hat.

Kas see on tõsi?

Is that right?

Jah, on küll.

Yes, it is.

See on tema müts.

It is her hat.

Kas see on sinu müts?

Is this your hat?

Ei, see ei ole.

No, it is not. (No, it isn’t.)

See on tema müts.

It is his hat. (It’s his hat.)

Kelle müts on see?

Whose hat is that?

See pole tema müts.

It is not his hat. (It’s not his hat.)

It is not her hat. (It’s not her hat.)

See pole sinu müts.

It is not your hat. (It’s not your hat.)

Sul ei olegi mütsi.

You have not got a hat. (You haven’t got a hat.)

Ma tean.

I know.

See on minu müts.

It is my hat. (It’s my hat.)

Tema (meessoost) müts

His hat

Tema (naissoost) müts

Her hat

Sinu müts

Your hat

Minu müts

My hat

Meile meeldivad meie mütsid.

We like our hats.

Kelle mantel see on?

Whose coat is that?

See on minun mantel.

It is my coat. (It’s my coat.)

See on tema (meessoost) mantel.

It is his coat. (It’s his coat.)

See on tema (naissoost) mantel.

It is her coat. (It’s her coat.)

Tema (meessoost) mantel

His coat

Tema (naissoost) mantel

Her coat

Sinu mantel

Your coat

Minu mantel

My coat

Meile meeldivad meie mantlid.

We like our coats.

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